Comment on Calluna has disappeared!

I'm afraid that anyone questioning the reliability of satellite tags needs to pay attention to one fact - the location where the tracking ceased.  Grouse moors relentlessly raise their ugly heads when this question is asked.  The truth is that Calluna will be far from the last bird to be lost unless something drastic is done to consign the hideous world of driven grouse shooting into history. ...

Comment on Alleged hen harrier shooting case dropped

Jesus Christ.  I can only assume that the individuals behind this decision are part of the grouse shooting community.  Absolutely diabolical.

Comment on Second 2016 hen harrier goes missing

You get to a point where you're tired of commenting on how sickening this is - to watch these lovely birds grow up, and then you ring and tag them while trying to ignore the fact that at some point you'll probably have to tell the world that your beautiful tagged bird has abruptly vanished without a trace.  On this side of the border we really need to keep banging on about this horrendousness as Parliament prepares to debate the 'sport' of driven grouse shooting and all its dreadful consequences. ...

Comment on Elwood Blues: First tagged hen harrier of 2016 goes missing

How sad to hear this news.  It's high time these 'black holes' for tagged raptors were permanently closed, in all senses of the word.  Full marks to the terrific landowners who continue to prove that it is possible to run a shooting estate without killing our birds of prey. ...

Comment on Introducing Julie Chrisp

That drawing of a hen harrier is amazing - it's staggering to think that someone of only 8 or 9 years old produced that!   I hope the job goes really well, Julie.  Looking forward to the next blog.