Comment on Hen harrier class of 2018

Thanks for the early update and details. The video really leaves no doubt as to the fate of the missing no sign birds. It is notable how far the disappeared birds travelled at a very young age. What chance the birds from France if they are ever released? ...

Comment on Three more hen harriers disappear suddenly

Prasad et al, even if the suspicious circumstances were reported to the police, NE have some small measures (unlike in Scotland) which they can take without a successful persecution. Even better, the estate against whom the measures were taken, could appeal and let the public find out what is going on. If they did take measures against the estate/s where the incidents happened, it is clear due to the locations revealed, that the measures did not work as the same places  seem to be repeated. Of course, NE could have given greater details as incidents occurred over the years, which might have had an effect. Ah, sorry, I forgot. ...

Comment on Three more hen harriers disappear suddenly

I did not want to like the post. This is truly dreadful news. The organised criminals who are most likely to have done this, and especially those who actively support them, should hang their heads in shame.

Comment on UK Government needs an independent inquiry into driven grouse shooting to deliver 25 Year Environment Plan

An excellent petition. Let's Hope that it gets coverage by the RSPB.

Comment on Six ways you can help hen harriers

Excellent. That's the way to do it! Please keep saying it at all opportunities. I have a petition with the Scottish Government going through the system about wildlife crime. I'm doing something, and I feel that the RSPB can always do more.

Comment on More good hen harrier news in Bowland

This is incredible. I'm looking forward to the England result for the year (in terms of total Hen Harrier production). I just hope Natural England are not too involved. Congratulations to all who were involved.

Comment on Silent spring? Saorsa, Finn and Blue all suddenly disappear

This is so sad. There can be little doubt as to the fate of these birds. As there is no risk of being caught and punished, the perpetrators do not seem to care that people who do care about these birds know what is happening.

Comment on Another Skydancer lost: Aalin disappears in Wales

My OS map shows several grouse butts on Ruabon Mountain. I didn't realise that there were many driven grouse shoots in Wales. It is impossible not to be drawn to the obvious conclusion. Eventually something concrete must happen.

Comment on Blood brothers: Manu’s brother Marc also disappears

Many thanks to the RSPB for tagging these birds. It is so sad that we don't have a government prepared to stop these events.

Comment on Two more hen harriers go missing

Satellite tagging birds and monitoring nests gives excellent data which can be used to help these birds. It also shows that these birds are persecuted to the severe detriment of the species in the U.K. which will not change until those killing the birds stop doing so. Please keep monitoring nests and fitting satellite tags, the more the better. ...

Comment on Calluna has disappeared!

My expectation is that far more hen barriers are being lost to persecution than the 30% of golden eagles. A scientific paper proving this is necessary because pf the power of those responsible for the persecution.

Comment on Calluna has disappeared!

Whilst I do hope that no more hen harriers are lost like Calluna, it is more realistic to hope that enough hen harriers will be tagged to give an estimate of the first and subsequent year losses to persecution just as has happened with golden eagles. My expectation that ...

Comment on Hen harrier Class of 2016: an update

I'm so pleased that some of the birds are still with us. Lets also hope that the recent events in Scotland will reduce the persecution there, but be prepared for that not to happen. Can I also ask those in Scotland to write to their MSPs to ensure the law is changed to allow  video evidence in court. ...

Comment on Alleged hen harrier shooting case dropped

I am absolutely appalled at this decision. Someone in the criminal justice system has decided that the RSPB may not monitor raptor nest sites in Scotland, but if they do and detect criminality, that even viewing of a criminal act that this evidence can not be used in court. I have written to all my MSPs and although I was not able to be reasonable in my screed, I shall persist and if necessary meet each one to get a face to face response.  The organised criminal activity of driven grouse shooting has people in many places prepared to assist those who break the law, and the law needs to be changed to make this loophole closed to the organised criminals and their supporters. I shall draft a proposed change to the law to show how simple this would be. I believe that the RSPB should do the same. I would urge RSPB members in Scotland to contac...

Comment on Chilling out on winter roost watch duty in Bowland

There may be little or no nesting Hen Harriers or Peregrines in Bowland any more but I don't suppose that will bother the senior people in Natural England, DEFRA or the moor owners in the area, as it is all part of the masterplan for conserving Hen Harriers by removing them from the North. It is just a pity that NE have not told the Hen Harriers of the plan, because they will keep coming from the rest of the country to the Bowland killing fields. I trust the RSPB will keep satellite tagging them in Scotland and England to keep embarrassing the government and the Hawk and Owl Trust. ...

Comment on Carroll – a Northumberland bird to the very end

I'd like to add my thanks the estate which reported the bird. Clearly there are estates which are prepared to act responsibly. If their voices could be heard in the organisations who represent estates, then perhaps we could start to get somewhere. It is so sad that the 2016 English reared harriers are having such a torrid time, but it makes it harder to conceal the truth. ...

Comment on Highlander lives?

Some good news for 2017. Thanks for confirming that the tag failure, if that's what it is, is thought to be within the expected failure rate. I, along with many others, am really hoping that the remaining tagged birds can survive to breed in 2017, and that raptors in general can look forward to a better 2017. ...

Comment on Remarkable hen harrier journeys revealed by satellite tagging

A wonderful tale, Blánaid. I've only just realised that I can comment if I join the group. Your blog deserves a wider audience. Please encourage other RSPB employees to share their feelings and experiences. I am sometimes disheartened by the likely fate of the young hen harriers, and I imagine it is worse for you and your colleagues. I take great heart from the spotlight which is put upon the loss of each of the satellite tagged birds, but it is a shame that it requires the death of many of the young birds to expose the real truth. More tags, please. ...