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A meeting of our White Star hens.
The question is: do they know they are all the same colour?
We have lots of different coloured hens mixing and living together - ginger, black, black and gold, blue-grey.
And the White Stars.
There are four of these.
And here they are.

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Cobden Farm Bed and Breakfast 2015-07-16 21:27:00

Bit late...but have finally uploaded these photos taken earlier round the farm...

Haytime is here in June

 Bluebell wood coming on nicely behind the farmhouse (May)

And more bluebells...

When the daffodils were blooming around the pond (April)

Missy our Jack Russell hunting for rabbits by the old beech tree in Robinsons Wood

Sabden from our top field

Looking out towards Whalley Nab, the lower end of Pendle Hill
 and beyond to Blackpool (on a VERY clear day)

Cobden Farm Bed and Breakfast 2014-05-18 20:34:00

Cobden View Holiday Cottage at Cobden Farm is ready to welcome visitors!

See for more information. 

Cobden View holiday cottage, sleeps 4, dog friendly.
Check it out on

Decking in private rear garden

Twin bed/room

Kingsize bed/room

Sitting room
Sitting room

Kitchen dining room

Kitchen dining room


Cobden Farm Bed and Breakfast 2014-05-18 16:41:00

Plan B for the heron, desperate to catch trout from the pond.
Perch on the fence. Not a good plan. Too far away. 
Plan A had also failed. 
Standing at the pond's edge had been a waste of time.
The wily trout had spotted the heron's shadow on the water. 
Trout 1 - Heron 0.

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On the turn…

 Autumn's starting to paint its colours over Sabden Valley 
and Pendle Hill, looking across from Cobden Farm

 The sycamore trees behind the farmhouse are succumbing 
first to the new season

The Virginia creeper has finally started to spread - and is 
showing off its lovely colours 

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Cobden Farm Bed and Breakfast 2013-08-17 12:05:00

Trampers are fantastic, says Keith, a regular visitor to Cobden Farm BnB.

He came with his wife and two friends earlier this month - and just two weeks after he'd had knee replacement surgery.

He hired a Tramper at Beacon Fell Country Park, so he could have a good long walk with them... and says:

"I must say that despite my reservations, the Tramper was fantastic. It allowed me to bounce over tree roots and drainage curbs with ease. But most surprising was its capability to climb and descent incredibly steep hills - 1:3 ish - with no hint of effort, yet under total control."

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Cobden Farm Bed and Breakfast 2013-08-12 09:52:00

Meet Goldie, our new young Buff Orpington hen. Her even shyer sister, Georgia, is hiding somewhere.

Peeping in the background is Sid, the Silkie cockerel. His two Silkie girlfriends are hiding too...

He may be very small, but he's the boss.

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