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Spring Wood Whalley plus a close encounter with some mining bees

Interesting chat yesterday with Jayne Elizabeth Ashe the assistant development officer on the Pendle Hill Landscape Partnership project and a few others about how to kick start some wildlife recording in Spring Wood Whalley and possibly having a bioblitz or other wildlife events there. One thing that did come out was the realisation that probably … Continue reading “Spring Wood Whalley plus a close encounter with some mining bees”

Too much going on!

Big things have been hapening with the Clitheroe Naturalists, they now have a facebook page and they have revived the Clitheroe Wildlife facebook group they will also be sending out email newsletters if you would like to be included email and if that’s not enough they have published their summer outings programme as a pdf It has … Continue reading “Too much going on!”


Saw a Wren collecting moss with Wrens the male makes several nests and then tries to temp a female, and a pair of Kestrels looking round the outside of the barn possibly prospecting for nest sites. More flowers are now out in particular Dogs mercury plus the leaves of wild garlic are starting to show. … Continue reading “Value”

Should we stop placing such high value on rare species?

Attended an interesting talk by Martin Colledge on Gisburn Forest Past Present and Future organised by the Friends of Bowland. One of the things he highlighted was a meadow restoration project at the Gisburn Forest Hub. This meadow now has an abundance of common meadow species but he said apologetically no “rare species”. I think … Continue reading “Should we stop placing such high value on rare species?”


On the 9th a Gray wagtail singing at the back of the house. Yesterday loud chattering in the trees and when we went indoors about 30 Siskins descended on the feeders. Today we are back down to 6 or 7 Siskins so presume we have seen migration in action. Regularly hearing and seeing at least one pair … Continue reading “March”

Looking forward to the Big Garden Birdwatch

Very simple to do sometime between 28-30 January watch the birds in your garden for an hour and record what you see. You can get full details and a free pack from by post or you can download it. Currently in our garden we are getting Blue and Great tits, Coal tits, Chaffinch, Nuthatch, Longtailed tit, Robin, Blackbird, Woodpigeon, … Continue reading “Looking forward to the Big Garden Birdwatch”

Fancy a new year plant hunt?

Need an excuse to get out in the fresh air after festive excesses? take part in the annual New Year Plant Hunt organised by the Botanical Society of Britain & Ireland. It is very simple between the 1st and 4th on Jan go out looking for wild plants in flower. full details at

Beavers in Bowland?

Well done Scotland for giving Beavers protected status.  How about a Bowland reintroduction scheme next. How about Dunsop or Roeburndale I can think of a few other places that could be suitable. They could be a great help with flood prevention if managed well.