Autumn colours

Here at Foxhill the autumn colours are now in their full glory. During a recent walk down the lane we saw a large flock of longtailed tits working their way along the hedgerow. The flock was about 20 strong. At this time of year it is common for species of tits to congregate in flocks - either the same species or many species together. Fieldfares have also arrived. On another walk we also saw a pair of tawny owls. Since getting our chickens about 6 weeks ago we are now attracting some of the local pheasant population on a regular basis. They are getting tamer and we expect they will be around for the foreseeable future.

Not many fungi as yet, probably because it's been relatively dry. The next few weeks should be a good time for fungi foraging, especially because our local lanes have a good selection of dead wood, providing the perfect conditions.

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