Springtime Bike Ride.

Yesterday we set out on another ride on the new electric bikes. It's my sort of bike ride, just like  someone giving you that extra push up the hills and it's surprising how much more detail you see as you ride alongside the hedgerows. As we set out down our road to the left we saw the wheatears feeding, they will only be here for a short while before they move onto higher parts of Bowland to breed. Across the other side of the road was a group of about thirty whimbrel, they seem to be visiting daily probably some of the ones that roost at this time of year at Barnacre. Out onto the main road we took left and set out for Chipping passing near the foot of Parlick with the Para gliders soaring above us and the gliders launching from Cockhill. On down Fishhouse Lane, really needed the brakes down there as it's very steep, the bluebells are just beginning to show. In Chipping village we headed for the Tea Garden at Brabbins Shop where there is a charging point for the bikes and a good cup of coffee for me. After our refreshments we left Chipping by Garstang Road the Curlews calling above us and the hedges on either side such vibrant shades of green. On the way back up our road I caught site of the banking in the wood, yellow with primroses so we went back down later for a walk to have a better look through the wood. The primroses have really spread, I have never seen so many there before, there were violets and just the first few bluebells.
Glorious day today for the Bank Holiday and we heard our first cuckoo.